Avangreen launches its complete power solutions for solar photovoltaic plants: CSPS series

  • 29 April, 2015

CSPSAvangreen and Mitsubishi Electric join forces to increase quality and performance of solar PV projects with the CSPS series (Compact Solar Power Solutions). CSPS integrates in a single structure, all power components required on a Plug&Play format.




Avangreen CSPS series include:

  • Shelter / Conteneur avec différentes tailles de puissance de 1260 kW à 2500 kW.
  • LV cabinets
  • High efficiency inverter.
  • LV/MV Transformer.
  • MV cabinets
  • Automation
  • Auxiliary systems (A/C, UPS, etc.).
  • Isolation monitoring systems
  • Internal cabling, assembly and connections.

These solutions bring significant cost reductions with simplified installation works. All system components guaranteed and powered by Mitsubishi Electric.


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