Avangreen develops an investment fund for infrastructure projects in Latin America

  • 11 December, 2013

investment fundThe fund gathers investments both institutional and private investors to develop basic infrastructures in Latin America. The target of this fund is the development power generation and water treatment assets with a long-term perspective. The investments are concentrated geographically in Central America, Caribbean and the Andean bloc countries.

According to the UN, 24% of the population in this geographical area lacks basic infrastructures for fresh water (*)

With regards to energy, according to the IDB and OLADE, the Andean Region still registers 9% of its population without electricity coverage, 16% in Central America and 38% in the Caribbean. (**)

(*) Source: United Nations. Water Survey 2011

(**) Source: IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) and OLADE (Latin American Energy Organization). Electricity coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean 2011

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