Sustainable Infrastructure and Water Treatment


Development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of civil, industrial and residential infrastructure that promote the growth and welfare of the community in a sustainable way. Leveraging and unlocking the potential of local resources from a perspective of maximum efficiency.

The development of new infrastructure presents an opportunity and a challenge at the same time: how to maximize the natural resources available to optimize cost and performance of these infrastructures. This approach has two perspectives in practice. In developing countries, only a fraction of the population has access to energy and water while paradoxically, there are easily exploitable natural resources from the energy point of view.

In developed countries, many infrastructures were developed without considering energetic criteria of efficiency.

Energy self-sufficient houses, management and water treatment plants driven by renewable energy, industrial areas, public lighting, etc. They are some of the projects developed by this business line.

Result of a great effort in R + D + i, Avangreen counts with their own water treatment technologies. Solutions for desalination and modular water purification with specific applications in the industrial and residential area.


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BUSINESS CASE 1: Energy Efficiency in the water sector. HPS

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