Power Stations

Development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy plants with special focus on solar PV and thermal, wind power, hydropower and biomass.

Avangreen develops projects from an integrated perspective, from design and engineering of plants, to operations and maintenance. For Avangreen is crucial to ensure maximum performance and availability of energy assets to benefit their clients. Also, through the control center, the customer has full access to key business information in real time and from any mobile device in a flexible manner.

Today, companies and governments entrust in Avangreen with developing energy assets especially in the field of renewable energies. Avangreen has a portfolio of over 300MW power projects.

BUSSINES CASE 1: Roof top Photovoltaic plants

BUSSINES CASE 2: Energy infrastructure in Senegal




Control Center

The control center allows Avangreen to monitor the operation and performance of plants and energy assets in real time. It also allows the exploitation of key data and generates automated reports to facilitate the management and reporting. The system is extremely flexible so that the information can be approachable from any device with Internet access, including smartphones, tablet, etc. It does not require large investments in hardware and is extremely versatile. Listed below are some of its main advantages:

  • Control Center platform which supports integration and reading from any device (smartphones, tablet pchs, etc …).
  • Generation of reports and charts automatically facilitating the interpretation and reporting.
  • Multilingual: Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.
  • Multiplant: They can be managed by various plants and energy assets without requiring new applications
  • Establishment of user profiles with different views and accesses.
  • Alarm and event logging to enable maintenance processes.
  • Highly beneficial to simply set monthly usage fee cost value.


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