Energy Efficiency and Electrical Installations


In a context where energy prices experienced steady growth, Avangreen designs, implements, maintains and operates solutions to reduce energy costs incorporating the most appropriate technology for each business process or infrastructure.

Much is said about of energy efficiency but the challenge is translating theory into practical applications and actual results. Avangreen has specialized in the application of specific energy efficiency solutions in complex environments, especially in industrial environments.

Starting from the development of strategic plans for energy conservation and efficiency, Avangreen is able to show the customer the different initiatives can be tackled with their costs and the returns in form of savings. Once the execution of the plan is established, Avangreen will guide the client throughout the process by providing technical aspects ans financial aspects, to realize the necessary investments and therefore achieve the desired savings.

Featured public and private institutions have entrusted Avangreen with their energy saving and efficiency strategies. As a result of this experience, Avangreen have sectoral solutions where the best practices of the market can be apply. Noteworthy in this sense the solutionst for the Water, Chemical, Cement and Oil & Gas.


BUSINESS CASE 1: Energy Efficiency in the water sector. HPS

BUSINESS CASE 2: Energy Efficiency in cement plants

Our Production Center

Design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of electrical infrastructure for industrial, residential and service sector.

Avangreen partner is able to to assume full value chain of a proposed electrical installation as well as operation and maintenance.

Avangreen has own production centers which materializes the best solutions for its customers, using the best technology available. From low voltage boards solutions to complex medium/high voltage

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